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Gubernur Papua masuk nominasi penerima Golden Award SIWO PWI 2019

Suasana rapat koordinasi panitia pelaksana HPN 2019 di Gedung PWI Pusat, Jakarta – Jubi/dok SIWO Pusat.

Jayapura,  – Seksi Wartawan Olahraga Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia (SIWO PWI) Pusat pada puncak acara peringatan Hari Pers Nasional (HPN) 2019, memberi penghargaan untuk insan berprestasi, peduli, dan pengabdi olahraga.

Acara  bertajuk “Golden Award” malam anugerah olahraga SIWO PWI Pusat 2019 akan dilaksanakan di Gedung Grahadi, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Jumat (8/2/2019) malam.

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Indonesia police kill Papua woman, clash claim disputed



Jakarta,  – Indonesian paramilitary police fatally shot a woman in what they said was a clash with stone-throwing villagers in the troubled Papua region, but a relative of the victim disputed their account of events.

Police said in a statement Monday that the 61-year-old woman was among villagers who intervened to help an 18-year-old man who jumped out of a boat to escape custody after being detained on suspicion of theft. Baca lebih lanjut

RSF’s decries journalist’s expulsion from Indonesia’s Papua region



Jakarta,  – After the BBC’s Indonesia editor was expelled from the country’s easternmost Papua region last weekend over a tweet, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) again urges the Indonesian authorities to allow journalists to report freely in the troubled region, which continues to be an information black hole.

An Australian journalist based in Jakarta since 2006, the BBC’s Rebecca Henschke got a special permit to visit Papua with a crew to cover a military aid operation, but was arrested and expelled, shortly after arriving, on the grounds that she had “hurt the feelings” of soldiers in a tweet. Baca lebih lanjut